Video: Luiz Panza finishes in 20 seconds to win San Jose Open absolute

Panza prepares the leg lock against Silvério.  

Held last weekend, the San Jose Open gathered big names from the international competition scene vying for glory and points in the IBJJF rankings.

Luiz Panza of Checkmat won the ultra-heavyweight division by beating Victor Lima (Infight) and then entered the open division. In the absolute final, Panza faced Victor Silvério, who had secured gold at middleweight earlier.

Silvério attempted a takedown and Panza spun to get into a position to attack his opponent’s legs. The attack came right after, but with the fighters already in the safety area, the referee moved them back to the center of the mat. Seeing the imminence of Panza’s attack, Silvério tried to free his foot, but a slight spin with pressure was enough for Panza to force Silvério to surrender.

Watch it here:

[embedded content]

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