Sign up for the Irish Open BJJ Championships and fight for tickets to the 2020 Euros

The Irish Open BJJ Championships is the oldest BJJ event in Ireland and attracts competitors from all of Europe, all gathering in Dublin yearly for a celebration that grows each time. The 2019 installment will be help this month, on the 28th and 29th, at the National Indoor Arena.

The absolute champions of both the adult and master groups, across black and colored belts, will be awarded a ticket to the 2020 European Championship in Lisbon.

Given the recent growth of the sport in Ireland, you often see local athletes fighting for the top spots. This year, for the first time, the Irish Open will take place across two days, with the inclusion of the Irish Kids Open, the country’s biggest children’s competition.

To sign up, just head on over to Smoothcomp using the following links.

Irish Open 2019:

Irish Kids Open 2019:

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