Rogan: “Everybody is Juiced Up in The Submission Grappling World”

Retired two-time UFC light heavyweight challenger, Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson is set to face one of the best grapplers in the world, Craig Jones in a Grappling superfight.

The match will happen at Submission Underground Grappling (SUG) which will go down on July 7 at the Roseland Theatre in Portland, Oregon.

Joe Rogan recently talked about the match and about PED use in BJJ/submission grappling during his recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience featuring Kevin Lee:

“The submission grappling world is very strange because there’s no real drug testing to speak of. Everybody kind of knows everybody is juiced-up in the submission grappling world. It comes into play, especially in nogi – well, in gi too.

“It’s a physical thing: you have one guy on juice and one who isn’t then there’s an advantage for the guy juicing if they’re on the same technical level.”

In 2013, the IBJJ introduced drug testing. In 2014, after winning the IBJJF world Jiu-Jitsu championships, Felipe Pena faced a 1 year ban from USADA sanctioned competition for a positive result for testosterone. This was a victory for IBJJF, as it showed that the system worked. But does it really? The drug tests are announced months in advance and this means that athletes that are on gear can time their cycle so as not to get caught on a specific date.  Did Pena simply time his cycle wrong? How many more athletes are cheating their way to victory by timing their PED use?

Drug testing is very expensive and IBJJF is doing the right by testing it’s athletes but is it really enough?

Without unannounced, random PED tests, there is zero chance of catching PED abusers. The biggest advantage of steroids is the ability it gives a person to recover. In BJJ the users will be able to train longer, harder than a natural competitor, then just stop taking a month prior to competition so they too can p*ss clean. They’ll be able to work on rolling and technique much more than a natty competitor for most of the year. Even if they lose strength gains from coming off a steroid cycle, they will not lose the advancements they made on technique.

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