Penn Family Rep Issues Statement Following Street Altercation Gone Wrong

UFC Hall of famer and former 2 weight class champion BJ Penn is in trouble once. He involved in yet another bar fight in Hawaii — Last time, in June, Penn merely grappled with a guy, not throwing punches.

This time, the 40-year-old Penn was sprawled out on top of another man and was actually raining down hard punches just like in his UFC days.

Then the fight continued in the street and Penn got caught right on the chin with a left hook that knocked him out:

[embedded content]

Part 1 of the altercation:

[embedded content]

Gary Levitt, a Penn family rep and close friend of BJ Penn issued a statement to MMAJunkie clarifying their side of the story:

“I spoke to B.J., and B.J.’s like, ‘No, I did nothing,’” he said.

“He said the guy punched him, and many, many people saw it, and (the guy) punched him again, and he went, ‘Stop, what are you doing?’

“And he said (the man) must have punched him at least four times, and some people are saying it was more like seven or eight times,” he added. “B.J. did not do anything, meaning (he) didn’t fight back. He was just backing up and saying, ‘Hey.’”

BJ Penn is set to face Nik Lentz in the UFC at an unconfirmed date.

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