Nicky Ryan Taps Imanari To Become The New Polaris Featherweight Champion


Nicky Ryan Taps Imanari To Become The New Polaris Featherweight Champion

Polaris 8 featured the clash of a leglock legend – Imanari with the bannerman of the new generation, young Nicky Ryan (17).

Imanari stepped in for injured Ashley Williams and Nicky Ryan, who wants to go down in history as the greatest grappler of all time, started by submitting Imanari by rear naked choke and becoming the Polaris featherweight champion.

John Danaher commented on instagram about his student’s performance:

Nicky Ryan victorious!! Seventeen year old Nicky Ryan took on grappling and Leg Lock icon Masakazu Imanari in Wales today at the Polaris Professional grappling championships for the 145 Pound world Title. Mr Ryan won brilliantly via rear strangle using a special variation in the back system we utilize. Initially he went in to test the legs of the man the Japanese call “Tenth Dan in Leg locks” and got several solid attacks with heel hooks before opting for the back and the security of strangulation. Here he is backstage with his belt – another amazing performance from this young man. His discipline and drive in the camp leading to the bout were, as always, an inspiration to the room he trains in and led to this, his greatest victory so far.

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