Gracie Barra Announces Partnership with Sporting Giant Adidas


Gracie Barra Announces Partnership with Sporting Giant Adidas

The biggest academy franchise in BJJ has just signed a merchandising agreement with sporting giants Adidas. Gracie Barra students are required to wear Gracie Barra Gis when training at their academy. Now they can purchase new GB Adidas Gis.

Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world, after Nike.

In the past, Adidas was the Gi sponsor of Romulo Barral and Clark Gracie.

GB released a statement:

Gracie Barra is proud to announce our partnership with adidas®️ JiuJitsu. We have worked very hard over the last 8 months to design, develop, and test a kimono that brings adidas®️ legacy and quality aligned with Gracie Barra values and philosophy.
The GB2 and GB3 Kimonos were specifically made for Gracie Barra and manufactured with the highest quality materials and workmanship available. This is just the beginning! Enjoy 🔺

Video for the new Gi:

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