Gordon Ryan Wins Gold at IBJJF No Gi Pan & Issues Message To Haters


Gordon Ryan Wins Gold at IBJJF No Gi Pan & Issues Message To Haters

Gordon Ryan’s gi voyage has long been under a magnifying glass. Former EBI champ and ADCC champion has announced a gi transition almost a year ago and we have yet to see him compete. HE recently signed up for NoGi Pans in an attempt to stay active competing.

Ryan announced the news on his instagram stories that he won gold at the 2018 by defeating in the final Max Gimenis of GF Team by rear naked choke. Ryan was up 4 points before the submission and he also made it a point to underline that he scored two takedowns. In his first round match he defeated Charles McGuire by submission.

He also registered for the open class and issued a warning to all those that signed up:

Ryan has been working on his wrestling recently and was answering his haters who made fun of his skills when a video highlight of wrestling skills was recently released…

You might remember Ryan was exclusive to the ACB for a while sadly due to many stalling matches and in general ACB issues the events are put off for next year leaving Ryan eligible to compete purely for prestige.

And of course as always he’s looking as jacked as ever with his gruelling strength regimen:

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