Gordon Ryan To Face Rodolfo Vieira in Grappling Match in December

Gordon Ryan To Face Rodolfo Vieira in Grappling Match in December

Looks like the ‘King’ Gordon Ryan will be very busy this year. A few days after he announced his grappling superfight with the infamous Rousimar Palhares in October at world Jiu-Jitsu festival, Ryan announced that he would be facing an even bigger challenge is December: 2015 ADCC champion Rodolfo Vieira at 3rd coast grappling.

This should be a great grappling superfight. Vieira is a current UFC fighter (won by submission in his debut) and since 2015, he has competed just once in grappling, having won the $30,000 CBD black belt open last year, defeating Mahamed Aly (2018 world bjj champion).

Ryan stated:

Honored to compete against one of the best ever and someone who is flying our flag at the highest level in mma. @rodolfovieira89 lets make it one for the books. @thirdcoastgrappling

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