First Ever European BJJ Championship Reserved ONLY For European Citizens to be Held in Romania

Get ready for the first ever European BJJ Championships that is ONLY reserved for European citizens. Other European championships are mostly Opens that accept competitors from all countries. This means that the competition is actually an Open championship and therefore shouldn’t be called ‘European’ championship.

The tournament is open for residents of Europe (both EU and non – EU zones) and will held in beautiful Bucharest, Romania.

The tournament is organized by the WBJJA (World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association) and will be using the revolutionary Smoothcomp software which ensure that it runs smoothly and on time.

It will be held on 16th March 2019 and will be Gi only.

Bucharest, Romania

World renowned BJJ referee & BJJ black belt Ezequiel Zayas thinks that European Only BJJ championship is a great idea:

I think that one competition for Europeans only is a great idea, and is something also necessary for the BJJ community in Europe. Europeans can fight and check the level. Of course is important to compete with Brazilians and Americans too but for sure this kind of competitions will help to increase the European BJJ level.

The European BJJ Championships will feature Gi DIVISION matches, for both adults and younger competitors, +7 years old. Bouts will follow the IBJJF weight and age classes.



Each division has weight categories and one OPEN category (no weight limit).

Each match allows one person (the coach) to sit on the mat and instruct the athlete.

Each match will be scored by one official WBJJA (World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association) referee, following the IBJJF rules.


The WBJJA tracks rankings for both competitors and teams by the Annual Season and by Overall Lifetime.

Competitor rankings are categorized by genders, ages, weights, and belt or experience. Team rankings are categorized by team points and medal count.

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