Clark Gracie Has Close Encounter with Infamous Football Supporters ‘Grobari’ in Belgrade, Serbia

Clark Gracie is currently giving a seminar tour of Europe and he spent the weekend in Belgrade, Serbia where he conducted a highly successful seminar at Kimura BJJ Serbia which was attended by over 100 BJJ practitioners.

On Saturday afternoon, Clark was shown around Belgrade by Kimura BJJ’s head instructor Gile Huni and as they were sitting having sushi at popular Japanese restaurant IMA Sushi, they came into clase contact with the infamous football supporters (hooligans) ‘the Grobari’ who were sitting right next to tehm, started chanting songs and lighting up smoke bommbs right in the city center. Clark and Gile stayed a bit and left right before the police came to arrest a few members…

When asked if the atmosphere reminded him of Brazil and the football madness there, Clark answered:

“This is a little more intense (laughs)”

Grobari (English: Gravediggers or Undertakers) are the organized supporters group of the Serbian football club Partizan Belgrade. They are one of two major football fan groups in Serbia. They generally support all clubs within the Partizan multi-sports club, and mostly wear black and white symbols, which are the club’s colors.

They have a very controversial reputation in Serbia and Europe due to their violent encounters with rival fans and police and their.

Clark Gracie didn’t seem too intimidated:

He even learned to say a few words in Serbian:

Next weekend, for the first time in Turkey, Clark Gracie and Adem Rezdovic will hold a joint BJJ seminar in Istanbul at Balaban Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Guests from all over the region will be attending including’s editor Gile Huni.

More information here.

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