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Training for Warriors: In search of an anthological shape

[First published in 2009. Scroll down for plain text. Part of the Training for Warriors series, by Martin Rooney*]   anthology 1....

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Украинский чемпион завоевал золото в США!

Недавно в Аризоне, США, прошел масштабный чемпионат «Phoenix International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship». Молодой спортсмен из СК «Борец» / ZR Team Сергей...

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Arm Attack (Armbar) from Active Knees and Climbing Guard Method

By Thiago Willems Scalco In this article, Tiago introduces us to a step-by-step guard setup he has developed. Used to control and attack opponents...

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